Adventures In Juicing:

Hey Guys, today I’m celebrating my anniversary! No, not with Mr. Right, even though I’m still holding out hope on that front. Today, I’m celebrating one year of juicing!

Over the past year, my juicing practice developed from a curiosity, to a hobby, to an essential part of my routine! It’s taught me a lot, from patience to nutrition to getting creative with combinations. So, today I want to share a few of the triumphs and tribulations I’ve had over the past year.

First and foremost, I can’t stress this enough-you have to have a good juicer. I made the mistake of starting with a half-broken handmedown, which caused me no end of trouble.

When I got started, I didn’t even know the difference between slow juicers and fast juicers. I figured they were all pretty much the same, so why not just use the fast juicer my roommate left behind when she moved out? Weeeeeell, that wasn’t the best decision in the world. If you’ve ever used a fast juicer, you know the spinner-basket piece in the middle that sucks out the juice. Hers wasn’t cleaned very well, so it only got about half the juice out. After the first time I juiced, I was kind of horrified by how much juice was still in the pulp. So, I ended up running everything through cheesecloth, and wasn’t THAT a good time… not.

Long story short, I had a bit of a learning curve, but I eventually did the reasonable thing and consulted the internet. I read lots of reviews for juicers, which was time consuming, but I ended up finding one great site that had pretty much everything I wanted to know about juicers, because I literally had no knowledge whatsoever. If you’re in the market, you should look 
here at

I finally ended up with a Champion, which I’ve since learned from other juicers I’ve talked to is like the #1 most popular model ever. So, it’s nice to be in the club. I really like this one, because I could honestly throw anything at it and the thing refused to break. I literally made so many mistakes, I was cringing pretty much every session thinking I might have made an irreversible mistake. But Old Faithful came through! I’ve been doing lots of experiments and trials to find my “juicing mojo”, so here’s some of what I learned:

-You should always mix things around. I read this when I started, and thought “why would I do that? Just do all of one thing and then add the next thing”. Well, little did I know that that’s just ASKING for trouble. If you do what I did, and start adding about a pound of carrots all at once, you’re…uh…gonna have some problems. Don’t do it. Trust me. If you mix up the soft stuff, like tomatoes, or pineapple, that sort of juicy fruit, with hard stuff like root things and apples, you get a lot better juice. Basically, the way it works is all the hard stuff pushes the soft stuff through, and clears out the system as you go. So, you’re never just spinning your wheels on soft stuff, or burning out your motor on hard things.

-Don’t skip cleaning. No, really. Don’t skip cleaning. Even if you think you’re gonna come back to it later. Just do it. Get it over with. I learned this the hard way. I left my juicing screen in the sink one day, since I was in a hurry to get to pilates. Well, I got back, and started scrubbing. And scrubbing. And scrubbing. And no matter how I tried, I couldn’t get the stupid thing clean. Not at all. About half the holes were clogged, and I defy you to find a tool that can get in there once it’s stuck. Thankfully, the internet came to the rescue again, and I figured out how to unstick it with vinegar. But I seriously can’t stress enough–just clean things quickly. It’s SO much easier. Follow the 
juicer maintenance guide, and stick to it. You'll get a routine down soon enough!

-Don’t feel like you have to juice everything. I don’t know if it’s just me, or if this is something every juicer does, but once I got going, I would literally juice every single piece of produce that came into my house. Plums? Sure! JUICE THEM! Radishes? JUICE THEM! The bottom line is, some things just aren’t worth juicing. That’s true for stuff like plums, especially. You don’t get much juice out of those not-too-hard, not-too-soft fruits, and they taste so much better the old fashioned way.

So, yeah! Happy one year, Champion! Here’s to many more!

P.S. I got lots of ideas when I was starting out from this site:

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